advisory committee

The advisory committee is a group of individuals whom are experienced in the medical field and/or EMR systems and whom are responsible for evaluating Teriac EMR system and advise the Teriac team with their feedback and suggestions in order to make sure the Teriac EMR System is well implemented and well serving your practice needs.
Dr. Osama Okkeh MD -MSC -PH.D –MRCP

Chairman of Jordanian Atherosclerosis & hypertension Prelusion Society.
Dr. Dana Badran Dermatology and Medical Cosmetic

Skin Clinic, Amman, Jordan
Dr. Edward Esaca Pediatrics and Nephrology Specialist

Private Pediatrics Clinic, Amman, Jordan
Dr. Abdelraheem Yosef PhD, Health Information Technology Professor

Campus President at California Career Institute
Adjunct Faculty at California State University, DH
Dr. Mussab Momani Reproductive System Surgeon

Senior Reproductive System Surgery Resident at Jordan University Hospital
Dr. Maram Abdel Jaleel Pathologist

Senior Pathology Resident at Jordan University Hospital